A project of the The Ringwood Public Library

Lou West Sr and Ted Van Dunk with farm equipment and ox.

Lloya DeGroat and James DeFreese outdoors.

Ladies Auxillary Ladies Auxillary posed at the state park with children.

Kenneth DeFreese, Shirley DeFreese Van Dunk and James DeFreese posing outdoors.

John Morgan, Madge Milligan Morgan, Sydney Van Dunk, and Adele Van Dunk outdoors.

John Milligan at location pipeline.

John Felix Morgan and Evelyn Morgan smiling for the camera.

Eight images of James P DeFreese at various stages of life, leading farm animals, using farm implements and relaxing at home.

Howard Milligan and John I Milligan relaxing on a porch.

Image of the home of midwife, Amelia Milligan Van Dunk. Peter's Mine is visible in the background.